Friday, March 7, 2008
I Heart My Bicycle

A few weeks ago, after our horrifying accident that left my car totaled, I decided to buy a bike. A combination of being inspired by Chris (who rides his bike to and from work everyday) and needing an easier way to make a quick run to Target or the yarn store got me searching Craigslist for something with personality and style. In short, I wanted a cute bicycle for under 100 bucks.

A couple of phone calls and I had found this bike that fit both criteria: It's undeniably cute and cost a mere $75. I had our local bike shop affix a basket to the front and even got a bit of history about the company Kobe, which (according to the bike shop man) operated their U.S. factory out of San Jose some years ago.

So now I'm completely smitten with my new bike. Chris and I ride to all our errands and it's so relaxing and kind of romantic. The scenery seems to float by with perfect pacing; something that in the car is never noticed or on foot becomes mundane is suddenly refreshing. With summer coming, I'm already looking forward to taking leisurely rides at dusk when it's too hot to be indoors. Oh, how my new bicycle is dreamy (sigh).

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