Friday, July 31, 2009
All I could wish for

Without any of the ponderousness of the one before, we marked my 31st birthday on Monday with breakfast (and cake), a good movie, and an evening at my favorite bar with many of my favorite people. Thanks to Kelley for orchestrating it all, and to all those who came out. I have better friends than I deserve.

Courtesy of the folks at Flames.

Courtesy of Kelley.

Alison, Kelley, and Monica.

Jack McCahill, everyone.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009
Irish, folks, dancing?

It's been about a month since our last update and a week since the events of this post, and it's terribly early (for me) on a Sunday, so out of rustiness and the recognition it's already been said better, we point you to the Grandpease's account of July 6, when two guys and a girl from Ireland met up with four sacks from San Jose and proceeded to hold a boa constrictor, turn tricks, play the Minute Game and do other things not so susceptible to immature innuendo. Suffice it to say, bhi sé go hiontach.

(Above, that's me doing what appears to be the Scott Hutchison, and below that's Kelley doing the Kelley, neither one to this song or that on their recommended playlist.)

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