Friday, May 29, 2009
We're Off!

I couldn't resist posting this adorable picture of Santo sleeping in my suitcase. Looks like he wants to come with us to SoCal -- and stunts like this sure make it hard for us to leave him for over a week.

Sorry, kitten, but this time tomorrow we'll be in San Diego (and, later, L.A.), where the question "What do you think Santo is doing right now?" will surely be asked multiple times.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Memorial Day and More

On Memorial Day we headed up to the city with the Grandpeases for some day baseball (and our first major league game of the year). At $9 a ticket, we couldn't refuse. AT&T Park is unique in that the nosebleeds also come with a beautiful backdrop of the San Francisco Bay. From our third deck seats behind home plate, we could see clear across the bridge to the Oakland seaport and take in the many sailboats drifting by. And to top it off, the Giants won!

From there we headed to the neighborhood of North Beach, hitting a dive bar first and then on to dinner at a little Italian joint. Good company and good food made for a great day but we were all pretty tired on the long train ride home.

On Wednesday, we met up with the McCahills at a little Latin bistro for some mojitos and to give them the key to our apartment. They are nice enough to look in on Santo while we are on vacation. Lisa being a former vet tech and Will being the other half of a household that manages to take good care of five pets, we have absolute faith that our little fur baby will be in good hands.

The highlight of the night had to be when baby Jack somehow managed to miss his diaper completely and covertly spray his dad with a poop bomb. We're still trying to figure out how this happened exactly but, nevertheless, it gave us all a good laugh. Who could be mad at such a happy baby for a thing like that?

Now we're off to San Diego and L.A. for a week of relaxing, eating well, and trying to be worry-free (Pictures and updates to follow of course). Unfortunately we're finally feeling the effects of the recession so this may be the last get away the two of us get for a while and we are going to soak it in!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
How does our garden grow?

Being new to the world of gardening, Chris and I both agreed early on that if our garden produced one vegetable we'd consider this season a success. However, a trip to the plot this week seems to suggest we set our expectations a little low. Both the tomato and zucchini crops are flowering, a sure sign that vegetables are to follow, and many of the plants we started from seed are thriving as well. If you glance at the initial pictures of our plot and then back at these more recent shots, you can really see the growth.

Next up for us: Finals this week and a trip to Southern California in two.

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