Friday, January 23, 2009
More busy than the laboring spider

School's back up and running for us. Kelley today hustled and secured a spot in three classes at San Jose State to go with the couple she's taking online, assuring herself a harried semester. Meantime, I'm still churning on my American Lit course, and Spanish 2 starts next week. One of Kelley's classes is on Shakespeare, a subject I, too, will be tackling soon. So, in anticipation of those moments when we might want to throw up our hands, a reminder of why we should read the Bard:

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
70 and Sunny

We're having a bit of a heat wave here this week and so with the temperatures climbing well in to the 70s, we hopped in the car with our friend Sara and headed up the coast to Half Moon Bay.

We cruised the beach, observed the brave surfers (the water is always freezing), and soaked in some sun all while noting how nice it was to be able to enjoy the outdoors mid-day on a Tuesday in January. Before heading home, the three of us grabbed lunch and the local brew at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company (also oceanside). Needless to say, life is good here.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009
The family table

A week or so after the holiday, and we are still loving our table (thanks again, Ken!). Obviously it's great for a bit of breakfast, unfurling the newspaper, or doing a puzzle. But I find what I enjoy most is having a place to sit that's away from the television, from which I can look out on this spacious studio apartment and see the sofa, the pictures on the walls, the (sorta still-) color-coded bookshelf, the kitten going wild for his unexpected favorite toy, and, if it's early enough, Kelley asleep all splayed out; a place from which I can take measure of the wonderful changes of the past few years, and daydream about what's to come; a place from which I can see Home.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! This week we said so long to 2008 and welcomed the new year with a friendly gathering of food, games, and lots of Rock Band. My friends have always kept New Year's Eve low-key and celebrated at someone's apartment or, when we're lucky, beach house. Just the most important people, a table for beer pong or card games, lots of food, and this year, a rotating crew bringing down the house with the songs of Bon Jovi and Journey.

2008 was a good one for us, but there's always room for improvement. Here's to a fantastic '09!

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