Monday, August 1, 2011
Here comes the bride

After a fun-filled wedding weekend and a luxuriously long honeymoon in Europe, we are back and looking forward to a year of exciting new challenges. With that said, we realize there are many important people who did not get a chance to witness our wedding ceremony in person and also a few who did attend who may want to watch it all over again (I am obviously talking about our parents). Luckily, my great friend Adam recorded video throughout the weekend and captured many wonderful moments from the wedding. Here is our ceremony, which he very beautifully edited. Oh, and I should mention that we have this video shot in HD but the file size is a little too big for here so it's just regular ol' video down below. Enjoy!

(For those of you not familiar with using Vimeo, be sure to click on the arrows in the shape of a box just to the left of the "vimeo" sign in order to make the picture bigger).

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