Friday, July 15, 2011
Cala Sant Vicenç

My brain is a little sapped right now from all the fun in the sun but I thought I would throw up some pictures here from our time in Mallorca. We stayed in a little beach village on the opposite side of the island from the airport and really preferred the quaint and often quieter coves over the the Ibiza-like party scene of Palma.

I wrote a ton in my little travel notebook while we were there but I will save the stories and lavish descriptions for when we return and I have the time to write a proper post. Here I will say that the postcards and pictures from the web did not disappoint. The sea was a clear blue varying from shades of turquoise to cobalt and the water temperature was like stepping in to a refreshing bath, especially nice when you are used to the freezing Pacific. In addition to doing plenty of nothing, we enjoyed meals high atop cliffs with views of the Mediterranean that went on for miles and stayed at an adorable little hotel that fed us the most delicious Spanish breakfast every morning on our terrace. We also enjoyed a few great restaurants--the sea-salted Mallorcan quail at a restaurant called Modesto was to die for--but noticed there were probably a few too many places catering to the awful tastes of the German and British tourists that dominated the island. At least for the cuisine, we were happy to get back to Barcelona and the delicious offerings of an international, foodie city. Oh, and I lost count of the number of times Chris referenced The Odyssey while we were there but I think he will enjoy teaching the epic having now swam in the great body of water.

And, now we are off to enjoy our last night in Barcelona with a little dinner and wine on the roof top of our apartment where we will say "adios" to the Mediterranean for now. Next stop, San Sebastian on the other coast. Then, Paris and London.

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