Sunday, June 8, 2008
Did you miss us?

The last few weeks have been busy and because of that the blog has suffered a bit. But there will be no more neglecting it from here on out.

Last Tuesday, Chris and I decided to make our way over to the ballpark for some much needed baseball and brew. This time last year we had attended more than a few Giants games and I think we were both aching to see some live baseball. (For Chris, it's not the Cubs but it's still fun).

We froze for the first few innings, huddled together on the upper deck on a windy San Francisco night--Chris in flip flops--before heading down to grab coffees and search for better seats. We found them just off home plate on the third base side (with the Giants being so lousy this year it's not hard to maneuver your way into some quality seats).

From there the next six innings were much warmer and in turn much more enjoyable. Chris kept his eye on the Cubs score the whole time (they won, Giants didn't) and a guy sitting next to us obnoxiously called the entire game.

After we opted to stay in the city and then the next morning went to this espresso place in North Beach I stumbled upon and thought we would enjoy together. And I think with the combination of baseball, coffee, newspapers, and the city, we enjoyed ourselves just fine.

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