Saturday, May 17, 2008
Escape to Santa Cruz

On Wednesday it was absolutely too hot to stay in San Jose. It's been anywhere from 85 to over 100 degrees this week and nothing seemed more fitting than a trip to the beach.

A quick express bus trip over the hill and we were in downtown Santa Cruz. The temperature usually drops 10-20 degrees around the water and it was much more comfortable than the sweltering heights it has been reaching at home.

We spent the day lounging by the ocean, reading, and baking in the sun--with plenty of sunscreen on! I am the palest "Cali girl" ever so I have to apply it liberally. We even had a close encounter with a sea otter, who was probably a little disoriented and too close to the shore.

After a few hours of that, Chris led me on a trek to find a recommended taqueria. The walk seemed way longer than a mile and half in the heat but once we found the place the burritos were worth it.

All in all a fun day and surely the kick off to a great summer. We'll spend the rest of it shuffling in and out of air conditioned movie theaters, drinking iced coffees, catching ball games at AT&T Park, and, hopefully, spending more days at the beach.

(Note: The picture above of our feet is for you, Scott. We know how much you adore sappy pictures of our feet in the sand).

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