Friday, October 10, 2008
Is it April yet?

So it's been almost a week since the Cubs (How would Chris put it?) wet the bed and he's back to thinking "Wait until next year." Poor guy. That first 24 hours post-loss, Chris was all sort of melancholy (listening to sad song about the Cubs, reading depressing blogs about it). I'd hate to see him deal with an actual break-up. He would be in sweatpants, eating ice cream for a month.

I will give him credit for accepting it so quickly, something that surely comes after repeated disappointments. Now he's rooting for the Red Sox to win the playoffs, again trying to forget the pain of heartache by sleeping around ;)

I was pretty disappointed too having experienced my first Cubs heartbreak and found myself wondering how I got tricked in to liking this team in the first place? My Giants never promised me the world and then swung at every pitch like a girl in little league. Humph.

On the bright side, our lives lack any credible sadness so I guess the Cubs serve as an important outlet. Is it April yet?

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