Friday, August 22, 2008
Drama Queen

Alright, so yeah, yesterday I fainted. In the middle of Bill's restaurant and I was a teensy bit embarrassed.

I was a little hesitant to post anything about it, since between this and the hand stabbing I'm beginning to feel a little dramatic, but since Chris went ahead and posted the hilarious clips below I figured some people might want a few more details.

I guess looking back it started with the fact that we slept in late and then didn't eat or drink anything before biking in hot weather to a restaurant for breakfast (at lunch time). At the time I thought nothing of it but in retrospect I was probably dehydrated from the day before.

So as soon as we walked in to Bill's, the room started spinning. Now this is the place where, if you so choose, they'll serve you free tequila shots at 9 a.m. but I hadn't remembered having any so the dizziness was unexpected. I quickly walked ("not well" is how Chris put it) to the bathroom grabbing for anything sturdy on my way.

Now, I've never fainted or had a spell like this before so I didn't really know what to expect. I'm thinking I'll splash a little water on my face, get my bearings, and be eating waffles in no time. Nope.

I guess I was with it enough to know you don't want to lose it alone and fearing I might hit something on the way to the floor, quickly left the bathroom. So as I'm walking towards Chris, my tunnel vision goes from barely being able to see my path to pitch black. Luckily, Chris guided me to a chair just before I went limp and it seemed like I was sleeping, dreaming even, for like 10 minutes. Thirty seconds is more like it according to Chris, but as soon as I snapped to, I was completely embarrassed and thinking "Do we have to leave the restaurant now? Because I really want Eggs Benedict." Thank goodness no one seemed to notice (other than the helpful manager).

Some much needed water was downed and I seemed to come back to life but it was the strangest experience. And of course, it was another one of those things that had Chris and I thanking our lucky stars and recognizing what a shambles either of us would be if something happened to the other one. "Nothing is allowed to happen to you," Chris likes to remind me in these situations. Same goes for him.

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