Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with their sweetheart. Here at 506, we kept it low key although nonetheless schmoopy. You can see, I decided to embrace the cheese-factor of this holiday with the pink and red decor and the sugary treats (Sweets are always a hit with Chris).

Today also marks one year since we started up the blog. This is the 80th post and (doing a little quick math) that is about one every four and half days or so. Not bad considering every now and again we get caught up in life and neglect to update it. Given the response from the few people we know who actually follow regularly (read: our parents), I think we'll keep it up. I like that even though we might not live near one another or have time to constantly fill everyone in on our daily activities, this provides a way for us all to feel better connected. If nothing else, I hope that's what comes out of this public display of our affection. ;)

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