Thursday, December 18, 2008
Finals, Xmas, and our curious kitten

We've been really busy this week, which contributed to the lack of blogging, but I just wanted to post some pics of our nutter kitten Santo watching the rain and update everyone on what we've been doing.

Chris and I wrapped up our first semester back in school this week. Finals weren't too stressful, just time-consuming, and (fingers crossed) I think we may have aced our classes. For anyone counting, that's one of three Spanish classes down for Chris -- and a few out of many for me! It will be nice to have a bit of a breather and read something for pleasure before diving in again come January.

The kitten is happy, healthy, and feeling right at home here at 506. He recovered from his cold nicely, got neutered (ouch!), and had his first vet check-up all in the past two weeks. He went from being a bony three pounds when he first came to live with us to a whopping five as of Monday. The cold weather kicked in big time this week and he's been curious about the raindrops falling down our windows. He's very fun to watch, very snuggly, and we love having him. As I say to Chris all the time, "Best birthday present ever!"

Also this week, Chris and I quietly celebrated the anniversary of our first date. Two years ago, I met up with a cute boy wearing Converse and sitting on what we think of now as our Fourth Street bench. On Sunday, we had a nice breakfast (with cake) and made googly eyes at each other all day. It was good stuff.

So now we're in full holiday mode. We sent out care packages today to (hopefully) arrive by the 25th, and I'll be baking and crafting all weekend. To everyone in Chicago, we'll miss seeing you but will keep you posted on our holiday fun here with the west coast fam. More Xmas pics and stories to come...

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