Saturday, March 22, 2008
Day Tripping to Berkeley

On Saturday, we took the train up to Berkeley (the trip we had intended to make before the car accident). With Chris loving college campuses so much and me loving crunchy, yoga-loving, eco-friendly hipsters, I figured it was a must-do.

The Cal campus is beautiful. A great mix of traditional buildings, libraries, and lawns set in the center of an urban community. We couldn't have picked a better day as far as weather goes to walk the campus. After checking out the library, stadium, and most of the campus, Chris went in search of gear. I like to tease him because we spend so much time shopping but he really does love his college T-shirts and baseball caps.

Then it was over to Chez Panisse, which I have to give him credit for picking. The restaurant is known for it's chef Alice Waters, who in the 70s pioneered the whole locally and organically grown food movement. She was way ahead of her time and the food was delicious. I ate this fantastic saffron rice stew and Chris had a lemon halibut that had the most perfect texture. It really lived up to it's reputation.

After lunch we walked through the campus once again and down the famous Telegraph Avenue, walking through used book stores and record shops before finishing the afternoon with a couple of milkshakes. It was a nice little day trip and one I think we both want to take again.

(Photo captions from top to bottom: The Berkeley campus; The U.C. Berkeley library; Chris walking the library stacks; Me taking a picture with Mark Twain; Amusing myself with a silly Cal hat while Chris shops; Chris trying to find the perfect Cal hat; A stream and bridge in a quiet part of the campus; Chez Panisse.)

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