Saturday, April 12, 2008
Animal House

For the last couple days, we've been relaxing in Big Sur and visiting my mom and her man, Ken. They live in a California State park, where their home is surrounded by Redwood trees, green hillsides, and some of the most beautiful beaches. Chris and I have said many times how nice it is that we get to visit them in such a wonderful place; our first wave of 80 degree weather only added to the atmosphere.

Most of the time was spent eating out in Carmel, walking the dog on the beach, BBQing out back, and viewing photos from their recent trip to Kauai. Being the shutterbug I am, it was hard not to be constantly snapping photos when you're surrounded by such sights. There were too many great pictures to only post a few so I created a slide show below.

In the midst of the beach photo frenzy, Chris lured me down to the water to try to capture our feet in the surf. (The Pacific is freezing, so I was a little hesitant.) It took forever to get a shot that was halfway decent, and by the end of it all, a quarter of my pants were soaked, but we laughed so hard it was worth it.

You'll notice all the animals: one Welsh Corgi, two kitties, turtles, a tortoise (and a partridge in a pear tree). My mom is a veterinary tech--animal nurse in layman's terms--at an avian and exotic clinic (and loves all things four-legged), so her house is practically an animal sanctuary.

For still frames of any of the photos click here.

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