Monday, October 20, 2008
Hot Date

Midterms are in full swing for me, and with Chris on vacation this week we were in need of a break. So we went over to the old Stanford Theater for the 50th anniversary showing of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. The theater is this great, old building--red curtain, balcony, a guy playing the organ as you come in. It's awesome, especially if, like us, you're a couple of old souls trapped in young bodies.

There were a few drawbacks. Namely, the windbag Stanford film smarty-pants who spoke FOR-EV-ER before the film. Also, upon emerging from the movie, we learned that we had missed a great baseball playoff comeback by the Red Sox. Even so, we had a fun night and I think we'll be back. For anyone in the area in a need of a little nostalgia, I highly recommend going. Although, with the way the economy is heading, it might be a little too familiar.

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