Monday, March 9, 2009
Lazy Mondays

While our friends and fam seem to be doing way more exciting things than us, like traveling to Egypt or even Florida, Chris and I have been chipping away at the classes. However, it's hard to pout over our current stationary status when we get so many laid back days like today, which we spent having morning coffee, breakfast, and sharing the New York Times crossword before diving into some (albeit required) reading.

Oh, and to continue on the thread of friends doing exciting things, we met Jack McCahill (baby of Lisa and Will)! He is absolutely adorable, although just through reading their Facebook updates and e-mails, parenting sounds EX-HAUST-ING. I'd say the most entertaining part of the visit was seeing the terrified look on Chris' face when he got to hold Jack. He looked like he thought he might break him :)

Then we came home to our own little baby (the one with fur), and he made sure to remind us how cute he is, evidenced by the fact I can't stop taking pictures of him...

This one looks like he's in kitty prison but he's really just spying a bird outside.

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