Monday, June 8, 2009
San Diego

We're back from Southern California and ready to share stories and pics! We had such a good time with family and friends and have so much to tell that I think it is best if we break the posts up by region. Starting with San Diego...

Kelley: The big highlight of our time in SD was seeing Scott and Jeni run the Rock & Roll Marathon. Chris and I got up bright and early to scout out a spot downtown, right around mile 7. We had our eyes peeled for our two as plenty of runners in Elvis costumes and other silly get-ups ran. Soon enough Jeni comes by all smiles and with plenty of positive energy. We snapped some photos and away she went. Not far behind was Scott. He flashed us a quick thumbs-up but kept on going.

Chris: Before stopping, Jeni navigated her way through the crowd and into their hotel (which was right at this spot) for a bathroom break. Scott blew us off for photos, but then initiated an exchange of text messages. I suppose these both are examples of thinking on your feet.

Kelley: From there we headed to breakfast and then on to camp out at mile 24. We were sure they would need our encouragement that late in the game (neither of us having run a marathon, we could only imagine what their state of mind would be) and not long after our arrival we saw a pretty fit man begging his wife to let him quit. But pretty soon here comes Jeni, still all smiles and upset only that her time wasn't up to her own high standard.

Chris: We took the trolley over near Old Town, which annoyed me in its resemblance to Disneyland's Frontierland. After a short walk to the course we were eager to spot Jeni, but it proved difficult to accurately pick anyone out of the heedless river of runners. Indeed, we first misidentified six or seven women (and, in my case, embarrassingly, one man). Sorry, Jen.

Kelley: After she goes by, we start scouring the crowd for Scott. His goal time was a little slower, so we're thinking he can't be far behind. Ten minutes pass, then 20, 30, 40. Then a juggler goes by, and we snap a photo with the idea of teasing Scott later on about his slowness. Then an ambulance goes by and I start going over worst-case scenarios in my head. Finally, around noon, at least an hour after Jeni has passed, we head to the finish line... where we find Scott. All the while we were expecting Jeni to be first, Scott managed to pass us and get the better time!

Chris: Scott was slightly less than a gracious winner. When he got Jeni on the phone and found out that his time was quicker than hers, he shouted something along the lines of "Yeeaaahh! That's what I'm talking 'bout!". Thirty-six, Joe. You're 36.

Kelley: Then after they had run 26.2 miles (!) we all went out for burgers and beers, first on Coronado Island and then downtown. We had such a good time just hanging out. But it has to be said how impressed Chris and I were by their absolutely positive attitudes. Well done, guys.

Chris: I was impressed as well by Scott's wolfing of another burger, this one from Wendy's, before retiring for the night.

Kelley: The next day we capped our visit with breakfast at Hash House A Go-Go, a breakfast place in San Diego I had heard great things about. The recommendation was right -- it was delicious -- but the portions were enormous. Chris ordered a Snickers flapjack (that's right) the size of huge frying pan and we all had a bite. If you can't recognize my giant-sized dish, that is eggs Benedict.

Chris: "A bite" = yum. A second bite = ick.

Kelley: After we said farewell to Scott and Jeni, Chris and I stopped at beautiful Balboa Park before heading up the coast. We hit the beach in La Jolla and Torrey Pines Golf Course as well, and then it was on to the beach town of San Clemente for dinner with our friends Brittany and Noah. Their apartment sits over a bunch of surf shops and is a short walk from the beach. Absolutely charming!

Chris: Balboa Park's campus of attractions is bountiful and diverse -- museums of art, anthropology, local history; a botanical garden; the famous zoo -- and there are many spots for just lazing about. The mix is really quite clever. And I'll echo Kelley's thoughts on San Clemente. It oughta give Seattle a run for its money, you two.

View all the pictures from this leg of our trip here. And have a look at Scott's version of events here.

Next up: Our adventures in Los Angeles!

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