Thursday, September 24, 2009
SV in LA

Hello, out there! Sorry we've been away so long, but I think it's pretty obvious by that fact that our blog has been abandoned for about a month that we are SUPER busy! Chris is reading, reading, reading, and I am in full lesson-planning mode (and let me just say it for all those naysayers out there: Teachers do not work from 8-3!). I am really loving it, though, and can't wait to get into the classroom. I'll be embarking on my first phase of student-teaching in the next couple of weeks and am equal parts terrified and excited.

Even with all that, we (sorta) managed to get away last weekend for our first annual baseball trip with all my Sunnyvale besties. After growing a little tired of Las Vegas, we decided to start a new tradition: Every year we will meet up in a city TBD for a Giants game. This year the planning got off to a late start, and so to keep the cost down we opted to stay at our friend Robin's house in Burbank and catch the Dodgers-Giants rivalry series.

It was just what we needed. Nothing expensive or fancy, but a lot of fun and laughing with friends. On Saturday we suited up in our orange and black (except Robin's Dodger-fan husband Scott) and braved the notoriously rowdy Dodger Stadium packed with their uber-classy fans just waiting to yell, "Giants suck!" Unfortunately, on this day they were right. The Giants lost big, 11-1, but we still had a great time basking (or baking) in the L.A. sun and noshing on some Dodger dogs.

The rest of the weekend we spent lounging by the pool, stuffing ourselves with Chinese take-out, and playing "The Beatles: Rock Band." Now, for the most part Chris and I are video-game illiterates. We don't have a Wii or an XBox; and, unlike most of our generation, we have no idea what to do when someone hands us a controller for the latest version of "Halo." That said, we were all about this latest game, in which you sing and play along to a nice selection of the Beatles' catalog. I got in on some drums and guitar, and our team really needed Chris to sing the more obscure (read: drug-induced, psychedelic) tracks. The animation is really awesome, too, taking you through all the famous Beatles spots--the Cavern Club, the Ed Sullivan show, the Apple Corps rooftop.

Somehow in all this fun, we also managed to craft some T-shirts to commemorate the weekend. We deemed it "SV in LA" and put nicknames and the year on the back. It was such a great time, I think everyone is hoping this new tradition takes.

And now, I'm gearing up to handle two Hutchison boys at the same time. Scott lands in T-minus three hours, and we'll be hitting up Berkeley and San Francisco and catching a Giants-Cubs game. Pics and an update to follow... if we ever get a break ;)

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