Saturday, July 3, 2010
There will be ties on heads

Nearly two weeks have passed since our friends Brittany and Noah were married in San Diego, and here I am just getting around to blogging about it. The truth is I am in a summertime haze. Every day floats by with nothing much more on the agenda than watching a soccer match or reading a book. It is both a blessing and a curse: I feel rejuvenated after a long academic year but also dazed from the endless nothingness.

Our little trip down south was just the break we needed from, well, nothing. Chris and I spent a few days prior to the wedding wandering around downtown San Diego alongside some of our best friends. Again, there was plenty of soccer: MEX-FRA at a cantina with plenty of Mexico fans, USA-SLO in our hotel pub on the edge of our seats with this guy, and ENG-ALG at a very cool English soccer bar called Shakespeare's, where every Brit was desperately screaming "C'mon, Rooney!"

In addition to the fútbol, we managed to squeeze in a baseball game at Petco Park. Neither Chris nor I had ever been, and we were curious how the new stadium stacked up to AT&T Park. Simply put, it didn't. The place is more like a mall than a ballpark—completely sterile and void of any personality. It's coolest feature is a grassy knoll out in center field where you can sit for $5. It's weirdest? A sandbox for kids whose parents seemingly want them to be beaned by home runs.

After a few days of sports and lounging poolside we put on our party clothes and headed over to Balboa Park for one of the most beautiful wedding settings I've been fortunate enough to see. All the little touches were very Brittany, and I love a party with personality. The lavender blossoms on the trees in full bloom combined with the colorful Spanish tiles made additional decorations virtually unnecessary.

Once the "I do"s were said, we wasted no time getting down SV-style. Ties on heads and choreographed routines were in full swing. (Even Chris got in on the "Single Ladies" dance moves.) These pictures say it all—we enjoy each other's company.

Next up, we are off to New York City to see two more great friends be wed before traveling on to Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Then it's back home and back to the grind as I will begin teacher training at my new school. Oh, did I mention I managed to get a little thing called a job in 2010?!? Let the adventure begin!

See more pictures here and here and here and here (In lieu of a speech, Brittany's dad sang an original song, which can be heard on this slideshow).

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