Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Of work and 'torture'

We weren't the best bloggers even when the going was easy, so imagine how truly crap we are at it when we're busy. Oh, right, you don't have to imagine, as our last post was three months ago. Much as I love looking at that picture of us in the moments after engagement, you're due an update.

Alas, it will be brief. Kelley's working insanely hard in her first year teaching at a charter high school not far from our place; some days she's in the classroom with kids till 5pm, and most every night she's planning or tweaking or grading or stressing or thinking in advance of the next day's lesson. The bloom is off the rose in that sense—it's a tough gig!—but I observe she's still motivated and engaged in her work, and I know she's more than up to the job. Meanwhile, I've been in my credential program two months now, absorbing—no, constructing—all sorts of knowledge with regard to second-language learners and educational psychology, observing teachers and students, and tutoring kids in English and, bizarrely, algebra and geometry. And in just six days I'll be up in front of thirty-odd seniors attempting to teach the personal essay. Lord help me. And them.

We don't get to travel ... at all, but we have been swept away by the Giants' postseason run. We made it to the ballpark for a couple of games in October (both losses, both the day before they clinched a spot in the next stage of things), and are terribly excited for the World Series starting tomorrow. The video atop this post is of Kelley's reaction to her team's winning the pennant. It's always a treat to see her smile so.

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