Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Recovery is Boring

I thought I would update those reading on the condition of my hand. The swelling has gone down considerably and been replaced by bruising. The pain is almost gone but I'm starting to become annoyed with all the things I can't do--barely can cook, crocheting is impossible, typing with one hand is terribly slow--I'm really getting bored being so useless.

Chris has been very good in the pampering department. Since the moment we came home from the hospital, he has been getting my medicine, helping change my bandages, and being very considerate all around. Nothing makes you feel more like a 3-year-old than when your boyfriend has to wash your hair under the faucet because you can't get your arm wet.

My friends (who I was supposed to meet when I decided I'd rather go to the ER) sent me a very nice card today. They joked that the next time we are set to meet up, since it's a rarity, they're bubble wrapping me and putting me in quarantine for the days leading up. Both my mom and Chris's helped bring a little peace of mind. Somehow moms just have that way about them. My Aunt Rebecca has called to check on me several times and insists I get some rest.

One last thing about Chris. He makes a comment below about having "never felt like less of a man." That couldn't be more inaccurate. It was a stressful, scary situation and he took care of me all the way. Believe it or not, the physical pain was not that intense but the uncertainties going through my mind were. He held my hand and kept my eyes off the wound the whole time and just knowing he was there alongside me made it easier to endure. I'm going to try desperately not to be so clumsy in the future but should anything stressful/scary happen, he is just the man I want by my side.

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