Wednesday, July 16, 2008
The Cube 2.0

Anyone who reads this with regularity may notice the absence of our previous header, which has been replaced with our new and improved one. The old banner, a picture of Chris and I in Chicago, somewhat bothered Chris every time he called up the blog and I always thought it looked kind of out of place. Really, it was a place holder until we could come up with a better solution.

And now we have it! After seeing her illustrations on some other design blogs and Etsy (a sort of Ebay of handmade goods and art), we enlisted artist Rebecca Horwood to come up with the new piece. We are delighted with the results. Her drawings are so full of whimsy and I love how she managed to balance our personal effects--the Cubs poster, books, baseball, mid-century modern furniture--with her signature style--a jar full of goodies, a sweet songbird, and bubbly script. Even more impressive, she did it all via e-mail descriptions because she lives in Oxford, UK, a fact that Chris (being the anglophile he is) loves.

I hope everyone enjoys the new artwork and I definitely recommend her work. If you're looking for a personalized illustration, check out her shop and blog for more info.

The original sketch is being sent in the mail and will most likely be framed and proudly displayed on one of our walls. I like to think that years from now when blogs are a thing of the past, it will be a nice reminder of ours.

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