Thursday, July 10, 2008
Disappointing show

Last night, Chris and I, along with friends Sara and Brent, thought it might be a good idea given the 100 degree weather, to partake in the outdoor movie screening in downtown. The movie being American Graffiti, it seemed fitting to watch outdoors even without the drive-in or car.

So with the combination of a perfect summer night, a couple of milkshakes, and a flashback movie, what could go wrong? Apparently, everything. The screening was terrible. Between poor lighting, not being able to see what was going on, and everyone talking over the flick, we could barely wait until it was over. Such a shame really because it sounds like such a fun idea. They say the kinks will be worked out next week but based on our experience, we may find it hard to coax our friends out for another attempt.

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