Sunday, November 2, 2008
We Like to Eat

And specifically, I'm becoming quite the baker. However, I'm not the best at finding recipes for two or a few and usually end up with a surplus. Luckily, Chris doesn't consider having a dozen cupcakes or a batch of cookies a problem.

While I'm doing my best Martha impression, Chris usually is watching me juggle three dishes, and he has this very appreciative look of awe when I somehow pull it together in to what looks like dinner. Don't get the wrong idea: Chris is very helpful and tries his hand at a little cooking here and there. But the juggling part, that is another story.

A week or two ago Chris thoughtfully decides he is going to make dinner while I'm at class and have it ready for when I get home. 'Sounds good to me,' I think, and off I go. When I get home a few hours later I walk in to the apartment and a smoky kitchen, and poor Chris just looks at me and says, "Help." It was the cutest thing. The cooking method he chose for the chicken wasn't exactly easy or working, so we scrapped that and vowed to work on his multitasking skills. Turns out that while I was making dinner for myself in college, Chris was buying Subway sandwiches, so he just needs a little practice. But we'll practice together.

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