Thursday, July 24, 2008
Peanut Navigator

On Monday, Carol and Jim (Chris' parents) arrived in San Jose for their visit with us and ever since we've been living the good life in vacation mode: Eating in great restaurants, shopping, sleeping in wonderful hotel beds, seeing shows, and having an all out good time.

We followed their trusty GPS navigation as she--she being the British sounding voice they named Victoria--guided us (or misguided us) down the coast to Monterey where we shopped and ate without a care in the world.

After venturing in and around Monterey, we made the short drive over to the neighboring beach town, Carmel, and walked down to the beach. The trip down the street to the beach descends along a quaint street of shops and amazing homes and once you get there you have Pebble Beach golf course to your right, the Big Sur coastline to your left, and the blue-green surf dead ahead. It's fantastic! I've lived in this area my whole life but sights like these never get old.

We drove back via Highway One, which winds along the coast up to Santa Cruz before cutting back through the mountains to San Jose. They replaced the GPS system with my local knowledge and I gave directions from the back seat, prompting Carol to (lovingly and with good intention) give me the new nickname of "peanut navigator." If you haven't noticed, I'm tiny ;)

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