Friday, August 8, 2008
Summer Mayhem

Nothing is quite as nice on a summer day as catching day baseball and eating ballpark food, which is exactly what we did on Wednesday. My good friend Eric is in town from New York City and, along with Sara, Chris and I, spent a whopping seven bucks a piece to enjoy the game from the upper deck behind home plate.

Chris had to leave early to go to work but the rest of us spent the night eating Southern food and hopping around the city. In this time Sara managed to fix two toilets at two different establishments, a feat we later chalked up to being a good Samaritan. Eric was productive in another way and drank quarts--you read that measurement right--of beer until he was composing songs. Sara and I couldn't help but crack up during the car ride home as he found a way to work the lyrics "metaphorically speaking" into some sort of chorus.

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