Thursday, August 7, 2008

This past weekend we headed down to Big Sur to celebrate Chris' birthday with my family. Sometimes its nice to get away to a place where lazing around in the hammock and playing with the dogs is about as busy as we get.

We spent our time eating my mom's homemade cheesecake (made specially for the birthday boy), BBQing, and playing with the new mutt, Ivy. Chris had hopes the new pup's name might be an homage to Wrigley but it turns out she has a white spot on her back that looks like an I and a V.

The next day we hit the neighborhood pool for another lazy day. There was the cutest little girl swimming with her older brother. The brother kept trying to convince the timid girl that her water wings would allow her to float and that, should they fail, "he wouldn't let her drown." This didn't really comfort her and she continued to cling to the wall. Chris and I found it pretty entertaining to listen to this adorable exchange, especially when the mom asked if they wanted a juicebox and the girl sprung out of the water, fist in the air and delightfully cheered "Juicebox!" Oh, to be the age when a juicebox was enough to make your day.

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