Tuesday, July 29, 2008
This is how his birthday really went...

So I don't know what Chris is talking about in the post below but nothing even remotely close to any of that happened on his birthday. Perhaps, he was screaming "Why God, Why!?!" internally, but neither his parents nor I knew it. Instead the four of us spent Saturday shopping in the Marina district, seeing a show, and having a late dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

The show, Beach Blanket Babylon, is a San Francisco staple and pokes fun at pop culture and current politics in such a flamboyant manner it could only be from this city. By this I mean they somehow perform jokes about the upcoming election and celebrity gossip all while balancing the Transamerica Pyramid, Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts atop their head. It was good fun. Plus, there was the added bonus of subjecting the parents to some real, crazy (tranny?) San Franciscans sitting a few rows up, one who later was referred to in conversation as the Cruella de Vil looking lady.

After, we walked down through North Beach and over to the Financial District for dinner. Bix Restaurant is a throw back to the supper clubs of the 1930s and is situated in this very cool alley. The inside is even better. As you walk in you have a long mirrored bar with four or five tuxedo-clad bartenders mixing martinis and highball cocktails. A sweeping staircase leads up to the second level where guests dine in old school booths overlooking the whole restaurant with a dance floor and jazz trio down below. Art deco fixtures and painting of musicians really make you feel like you're in New York City circa 1932 or at least on the set of Mad Men. The food was great--tender steak, scallops, salmon--but the atmosphere was perfect. The whole place was alive and I hope Chris liked it.

On Sunday (his actual birthday), we drove back down the peninsula and had one last lunch before saying goodbye to Jim & Carol. We had a really great time all week and thanks to their generosity felt like we had our own little mini vacation right along with them.

Drinks with the Grandstaffs at Chris' favorite bar in San Jose completed the big 3-0 night. Now it's back to life as usual...only now I'm dating someone "in their 30s". I think he's taking it pretty well though. No sports car or other lavish purchases yet and he already has the 20-something girlfriend ;)

Yep, I think the thirties might just be a good time.

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