Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So in all the birthday and vacation excitement, I seem to have glossed over the details of the meeting of our parents (dun dun dun). The anticipation of this meeting worried Chris right up until everyone in question parted ways. I think he must have been imagining some disastrous scenario straight out of the movies like Meet the Fockers or Father of the Bride--or worse. Turns out everyone got along splendidly. We met in downtown Carmel and ate at this very cute restaurant, followed by a bit of shopping. Here are a few of the sillier highlights:

-Chris was quiet for most of the breakfast, presumably because he was holding his breath until the whole thing was over.

-At one point the conversation led everyone to tell their own personal story of the time a wild animal was loose in their home and how they removed the creature.

-The term cougar may have been applied to my mom ;)

-Chris and I got our first taste of parental marriage harassment--in Tiffany's.

-Everyone had a good laugh when they noticed I had splattered raspberry sorbet all over my white top.

Overall, Chris and I were just relieved that everyone got along and--dare I say it--enjoyed one another. It's nice to know we won't be that couple that dreads the co-mingling holidays!

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