Friday, November 14, 2008
Disneyland postgame

Now that we're back in "Adultland" I can share all our pictures and memories from my birthday trip. The four of us (Chris, me, Mom and Ken) kicked off the celebration with a little fondue pre-party in Big Sur before climbing into the car the next morning for a looooong drive.

Once we reached Anaheim and Disneyland Drive, some of my best friends (Robin, Brittany, Noah, Scott) met us for pizza in Downtown Disney. Then we crammed in a couple of rides before I was so tired that I felt sick (26 is tough!). One of those first rides was one I couldn't wait to take Chris on: An Indiana Jones jeep adventure that takes you through twists and turns dodging tribal darts, snakes and that huge ball from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is super fun.

The next two days were a blur of fantasy and fun and plenty of good food, including a Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues, dinner at the Blue Bayou (super cool for those who know Disneyland), and lots and lots of ice cream. I think Chris really liked Main Street, the drag leading into the park lined with City Hall, a firehouse and old-fashioned soda shops. He also marveled at how clean everything was.

So now our Netflix is full of Disney classics, and Chris has checked off one more California must-do. A successful trip, I think.

View a slideshow of all the fun here.

Update: I almost forgot to write about the best part of my Disneyland B-day. When you go there for the first time, or it's your birthday or anniversary, they give you a button to wear all day proclaiming just that. So for all of November 9th, strangers and Disney employees all day wished me a happy birthday. And they were so sincere, it was awesome--although Chris felt a little snubbed every time because it sort of overshadowed his "First Visit" button.

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