Tuesday, April 8, 2008
KU wins!

Kansas 75, Memphis 68

Here is Chris's reaction throughout the game:

Still nervous as KU leaves barely leading after the first half.

Memphis is up 60-51 with 2:12 remaining.

Mario Chalmers hits the tying three, the bar goes crazy, and they win in overtime.

Being flooded with calls from KU friends.

Experiencing his first national championship win.

He still can't believe it...

It took him a few minutes to start reacting (and for all the alcohol he had consumed to kick in) but once he did, I think Chris had a really great time finally seeing one of his teams win it all. Some things that followed: hugging a strange lady in a Jayhawks jersey, skipping to the train station, singing Rock Chalk on the train, breaking sand bags like little boys with Grandstaff, and drinking far too many shots of whiskey. I think he summed up his feelings best while on the phone with Scott when he yelled "KU Jayhawks, Fukudome, Obeezy in the White House...This is our year baby!"

Catch video and more photos over at the Grandpease blog...

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