Friday, July 25, 2008
Happy Feet

So it has become a bit of a joke that Chris and I take schmoopy photos of our feet on the beach or in various other notable locations. We're pretty secure in our schmoopiness so we encourage the teasing--if we weren't I don't think we would have a blog about all things lovey dovey--and the photos have been parodied a little in recent months, the most recent being Carol & Jim's feet together on Carmel beach. I take it as a good sign that a lot of people we know are lucky enough to have someone to make happy feet with and that makes me even schmoopier.

Jim & Carol at Carmel Beach

Scott & Jeni in Aspen

The one that started it all (Chris and I in in Big Sur)

I say bring 'em on! If you have someone you love so much you want to take pictures of their feet (yeesh!), snap away.

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