Monday, November 24, 2008
Big Game

On Sunday Chris and I joined my friend and UC Berkeley alum Sara for the "Big Game" between Cal and rival Stanford. It's one of those unique-to-the-Bay-Area sporting events that Chris has always wanted to attend and it ended up being really fun since Cal crushed 37-16.

We went up a bit early to take in the pre-game scene, which in NorCal fashion ended up being wine and snacks on the campus lawn in the place of a beer and BBQ tailgate. Then it was on to Memorial Stadium for a couple hours of college football. Chris and I started out in our assigned seats, which had a good view of the entire field, but we quickly moved to the young alum seats with Sara. There we sat about four rows up and watched three Cal touchdowns unfold right in front of us.

After the game, the entire student and alumni section rushed the field. We waited until it was safe (I didn't want to get trampled) but ended up joining just to see what it was like to be on the field for the celebration. It was a great, sunny day in Berkeley made even better by insider and huge Cal fan Sara as our guide and ticket in.

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